Friday, February 26, 2010

have i ever shown you

lance got them for me as a Christmas present and I love them!!!
and even better, i figured out how to break them in...

HA! this girl is something else! we love our allie cat!


  1. oh I do like them! I asked for boots as well - guess santa didn't get the message. :) maybe next year... until then, feel cute and sassy in yours OK?

  2. So cute!

    Please don't worry at all about Reese's name spelling. I love it in the shaving cream. Your is the first I've received like this!

  3. Hey, Caleb & Allie...great job you two. Caleb was such a great follower that I would have missed him if you hadn't pointed it out!
    Also, is that REALLY my granddaughter "posing" for the camera??? Wonders never cease. I continue to be amazed by my family.

  4. I nearly the boots. I'm still adjusting to your an Lance's "un" western shirts. I had better get with the program, huh.


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