Friday, February 12, 2010


in tyler? that is CRAZY!!!
this was riley's first time to venture into snow and he LOVED it!!
he even got to break in his new boots! aren't they cute?
i would love to say that caleb helped build the snowman, but NO... he ran around throwing himself into the snow and pelting allie and daddy with snowballs! :) typical boy!
for caleb, a regular snowman just wouldn't do... we had to have a fireman snowman... good thing that sister didn't mind at all! she had fun spraying the red on the snow (thanks for the tip grammie!)
snow princess!
all done!
lance got the morning off, so we all got to play!
daddy helped caleb make a football player snowman. when it was done, caleb said, "down, set, hut, hut" and tackled him that snowman to the ground! it was cute and he hasn't stopped talking about it!


  1. Love the boots! and no, I cannot believe that is tyler!! shocking! so great to see you guys all together having fun! how did you spray on color to the snow man??? Love reading you blog friend!

  2. AMAZING! It looks weird to see REAL snow in Tyler. The phone call this a.m. was hilarious.....I'm still laughing now and then...and Allie saying that they built a snowman.......out of snow. (unlike the snowboxman on your front porch)Love it.
    What a beautiful sight, to see all of you having such fun. I would love to have prints of all of these shots, please. They're all priceless! Was that an OSU football player??? 'cuz I think I see orange! Tell Caleb & Allie good job.

  3. SOOOOO FUN!!! We are jealous of everyone's snow pics!


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