Monday, February 1, 2010

new routines!

we've been having some trouble with the big kids getting to sleep. i'm not sure if it is the best parenting tactic, but when all else fails in our home, it is time to restructure. and that is exactly what we have done.
my pc friends will appreciate that we now have FOB (flat on beds) starting around 7:30. flat meaning your bottom is flat on your beds! :) the kids get a pile of books and after about 15 minutes of quiet reading, they pick one book to be read out loud.
we have share time and pray. once the lamp goes out there is no talking AT ALL! we have loved this because the kids think they are getting to stay up later and we have a quiet house starting at 7:30. this helps them to wind down much better than a couple of books and then going into the room and turning out the light.


  1. since my days at pct I have been totally planning on implementing fob and other tactics used at camp on my own kids! I know from experience it will work!! Good for you!!

  2. wow..............i'm speechless!This is amazing........The closest I ever got to being this instrumental in affecting my sons' bedtime routine, was when I would set the timer on the microwave or oven fifteen minutes before lights out. They were so worn out from running back and forth checking the timer, that they usually went to bed without a fuss.
    Reading books is sooooo much better and they look so cute! Way to go, mom.


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