Monday, February 15, 2010

it came and it went...

Valentine's Day seemed to fly by... i guess i am use to the longer, bigger events like christmas and thanksgiving. in my opinion, valentine's day is a strange tradition, but super fun if you have kiddos!
we made these REALLY delicious "cutie pies" from the farm chick. the best part is that you only need pie crust and a jar of jelly... and powered sugar if you want to add a little somethin' extra!
we also made valentine cards. my "0oh, so bright idea" was to use their fingerprints to make cute little hearts... this was the "example."
caleb just played with the plates and got paint on EVERYTHING! :) ahh, boys!
and this was the finished product... if you squint you might see a heart in there! HAA!
mommy had to let loose and not sweat that they turned out MUCH different than she had hoped!
Saturday morning we ate strawberry and heart pancakes!
i think they liked them! caleb was eating them two at a time... and, i'm sorry, why is our daughter starting to look soo old! (stop-stop-stop growing up!!!)
there is truly nothing better than hand picking your chocolates... that is what we did as a family on Saturday afternoon. the Sweet Gourmet in Tyler has become a must stop on Valentine's Day.
on sunday morning we let the kids rip into their bags and cards... they could NOT believe that so many people sent them valentines!
gg sent $5 for each kid and they shouted, "can we go to McDonalds?" so that is where we had lunch! we ended our pink day by watching the veggie tales love dvd... they laughed so hard! hope it was happy for all our friends and family as well! we love you!!!


  1. Wow, what a fun day you guys had. We loved our phone calls and we loved, loved, loved Poppy's Happy Birthday video! Do you think playing it 40 times (and counting) is too many? I'd like to see that become a tradition.....ha.

  2. What a fun day! Can't wait to have kids and have fun days like this!


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