Monday, December 23, 2013

christmas party RE-CAP

we attended many christmas parites this month so rather than make a post for every party... i'll consolidate!  

our community group gathered as families to celebrate.
we had a photo both where we took some really cute pics!!

here's all the ladies

and the siscos
our foundation group threw a tacky christmas sweater party.  of course, lance can NOT just wear a tacky sweater.  he has to go full body cousin eddy costume on the party.  it was pretty fun... i admit!  i married a goof ball and i love it!

the nest leadership team celebrated at one of the mentor mom's homes.  such a fun night with girls that i love and respect greatly!

watermark threw a HUGE family party that was complete with food, bounce houses, and a dance party!

they also, very generously gave the kids electric scooters!  they were shocked!!

lance's marriage team also had a christmas party and we got to enjoy amazing company and great food!

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