Monday, December 16, 2013

the world of gymnastics

i didn't do gymnastics as a kid (lance did, but that is a different post) and i really didn't know what i was getting our family in to.  i like to describe gymnastics as hurry up and wait.

this year allie got to participate in the exhibition.  
she did- 




and floor

There is so much waiting between every event and it takes all day long to get through it.  the boys were SO patient. 

maybe not happy, but patient.  they brought toys and played in the lobby most of the time.

at the end of the day, everyone was awarded a medal and ribbons.  (i won't go into how that makes competing seem worthless- that's another blog as well)

but our big surprise is when she won the trophy for best all around in her age category.  you should have seen lance and i grabbing for our cameras... we were not ready for that!  ha!
also...that is her sweet coach cheering for her on the right.  we have really loved her the last two years!!

so proud of our allie - girl and how hard she has been working all year!  
Way to go sister!!

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  1. 2020 Olympics here we come!! I love this...she looks like a pro with some real talent (guess that came from Lance's gymnastics past??) :) Go Allie!!! I'd like to be a part of the cheering section at a future event.


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