Friday, December 20, 2013

school christmas parties

lance and i both got to go to the kids christmas parties at school.  it was comical how different they were.

caleb's class was seated and doing christmas activities quietly... very low key

allie's class was in a dog pile when we walked in!
 lots of sugar... thanks room moms!  ;)
 and lots of smiles!!

these are the cute gifts that we gave to all the female teachers (the men got cookies).  These wreaths were really fun to make and super inexpensive.  i bought 1/4 a yard of seven christmas fabrics (at 70% off... yay, for last minute!) and some skinny pipe insulation.  I ripped the fabric into strips and used hot glue to secure.  i ended up making 13 wreaths and it cost me $12 total!  you can't beat that!!

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