Sunday, December 22, 2013

Quick Trip South

we would not normally make two trips to Simonton so close together, but this christmas our ENTIRE family would be together.  it was worth the early morning, it was worth the 5 hour drive, Even though we had to turn around the next day and drive was worth it!

check out this enormous family.  my mom's mom is our last living grandparent and she is stunning - really!!  my mom and dad had three kids and each of their kids have 4 kids... you do that math... that is A LOT of grandchildren!

my brother's family

my sister's family

forced smile pic... we really just want to open presents and stop taking pictures.  we didn't get a family picture because at one point all three boys were crying - there comes a point when a mom says enough is enough! 

i also got a WAY TO SHORT visit with these ladies!  B and I have been friends since we were in little swimmers splashing around at the valley lodge club in the yellow-tinted baby pool!
love this girl!  and her momma!!

the boys were boys again!  i hope this pic doesn't make grammie faint!  ;)

and there she is... merlene!  good health, sharp mind, and beautiful smile!  no one would even guess her age!

we got to see david and stephanie and their momma (pictured above).  these are my cousins... i enjoy seeing them and this year i had that privilege twice!!

gran wanted a pic with all her grandchildren... we haven't had this crew together in years!  

since my sister added two strapping boys to her family this year, which means....

lance got to start a game of flag football in the front yard - he's missed that in years past... glad to have you two guys!!

and what smith christmas happens without my aunt robin getting out silly string to make my dad furious.  ha!  that stuff really is a mess!

me and my guy!  i sure do love the holidays... he gets large chunks of time to chill... doesn't he look completely unstressed in this pic!  yay!

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