Sunday, December 15, 2013

the birthdays just keep coming

this is the season when i feel like i can't slow down time.  holiday events pack our schedule and the two of our four kids turn another year older.  

caleb turned 7 this year.  he was WAY over due for a new bike so he was thrilled to have some new wheels.

legos are always his toy of choice so he spent a majority of his day building things.

thanks to the ice storm we had TONS of limbs down which make the entrence of your home perfect for a camping party!

 we just had three friends over 

they were sent through a dangerous obstacle course that included a swinging log that you had to avoid, a balance beam, a wagon of wood to haul, and dart throws.

 there was cherry pie (his request) and smores

and cord bracelets so they are prepared for the wilderness

 we rounded out the evening at pie five as a family

 and of course silly pics in bed!!

the bday boy went to bed with the head lamp that we gave as party favors

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