Monday, June 25, 2012

oil and water

the next day the family took a gondala lift to the top of a mountain where we were told the chipmunks would eat out of our hands.
up we go

based on info from other families, lance and i thought they would be running up to us begging for peanuts, but it was a much slower process than that.

they were pretty cute and LOVED the peanuts

they would even eat them with the shell on.

but it was lots of sitting and waiting and being quiet... and let's be honest... that and sisco kids are like oil and water - they don't mix!!  haha!

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  1. Amazing! Can you imagine how BIG a person looks to a tiny chipmonk? Way to go Allie girl. Hard to believe they even came close at all? Love seeing the sisco boys "waiting" cute! Also, I love the pic of Lance & Grif....are there any more pictures of you????


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