Thursday, June 7, 2012

the end of school....was, of course, a little unusual...
our poor, sweet girl got super sick the last week and missed three days of school.
look at this green face.  boo!

lucky for all of us, she made it to the last day of school.
we took a pic of her and her sweet (third kinder) teacher, mrs. lemmon.

the end of the year gift was a carafe with a little note that read, "thanks for pouring your heart into teaching."

then it was time to make HAPPY treats to celebrate making it through the first year of school.  i mean, seriously... three schools, three teachers, two cities... we needed to celebrate!

these cupcakes said party all over them.  if you want to know how to make them, check out THIS LINK.

and then it was time to cheer on summer!!!

we invited a few neighborhood friends for treats and a water gun battle.

it was a fantastic, sticky, wet, fun mess!

happy summer everyone!!

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  1. Poor little Allie. That's so sad. Glad she got to make the last day of school! Cupcakes look amazing! FIVE STARS! Sometime try striping the inside of your icing bag with different foodcoloring (using toothpicks) and just dump in white icing and it does pretty much the same thing. You'll have to tell me how you made yours!


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