Friday, June 22, 2012

day two, putt putt

our second day of camp we took the kids to play putt putt during free time.

what a view while playing

it was truly breathtaking to play surrounded by those majestic mountains

griffin was really watching and super interested about the game.

he would take his red ball and throw it and yell, "ball!!"

and he would even clap for the other kiddos.

here are our little players

riley had a fun little stance while trying to putt.

"oh, yea! hole in one!"

if there was one thing that allie was not short on during this trip... 
it was smiles!

there was a little confusion on how to play, but why correct them???

we all had a fun afternoon.  we were able to stay a long time because no one was hot and sweaty and needing water.  man, oh man... how we are missing that CO weather!!!

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  1. Love the scenery and all the cute lil Sisco kids. So cool that Griffin enjoyed it as well!


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