Tuesday, June 5, 2012

memorial day

sorry to rewind a bit, but things have been a little busy. 
memorial day was a fun little event in our neighborhood. 
the kids woke up to flags in every yard on our street and you would have thought the circus came to town.  they thought that was sooo fun!

 we had a block party that evening and got to meet several neighbors.  we closed off the street and the kids rode bikes and scooters until they just couldn't go anymore.

our family brought apple baked beans and enjoyed everyone else's yummy contributions.

 lance and i stayed until griffin wouldn't let us party any longer!

it was a fun way to celebrate our country and remember the soldiers that fell protecting our freedoms!

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  1. What fun times! Oh, and that's one of the cutest couples EVER~! Thanks for putting a picture of you and Lance. Love it!


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