Thursday, June 21, 2012

kicking off camp

we traveled with our sweet friends, the penuels. through walkie talkies and text messages we made common stops together. 

we made it to trinidad for the evening!  time for some rest!!

lunch the next day at Rubios in denver

we made it to estes park, got some rest, and woke up to this!!!!
Good morning, LORD... let family camp begin!

there were rocks to climb EVERYWHERE and the weather was fabulous!

there were prarie dogs all over the place and the kids chased them all day long everyday!  it might be confused with animal cruelty, but they truly wanted to keep one for a pet.

our view on the way to breakfast every morning... lunch and dinner too! ;)

after the program the first evening they had ice cream sundaes!  complete with whip cream and cherries!  they ate and played till the sun went down!!

these pics of riley show just how excited they were about camp, icecream, and just life in general!  i feel like i should make a flip book out of these pictures.  haha!

he kept screaming, "best night EVER!!!!" and then he would take a bite in this dramatic fashion!! 
love that kid!
more to come....


  1. OK, so can I admit that I'm just a little jealous of that view?? Beautiful! It's obvious that the kids had a great week!

  2. Looks like everyone was having a great time. Good to see the Penuel boys too. I can always count on the shots of Riley to be interesting. He's so funny! Make that cute and funny!


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