Sunday, February 20, 2011

PCM in the News!

our fabulous pediatrician and his family are making a difference in Uganda. if you have always wanted to help others outside of the US, but didn't know how, this is a trustworthy way to do so. Lance and i would LOVE to be able to make a trip with them sometime and see the work the LORD is doing there. we joke that our contribution right now is to keep having babies and bringing him more business in the states so that he can use the finances there.... that is JUST a JOKE! :) but seriously... you could sponsor a child, pray for this ministry, or make some small purchases that go a LONG way! great cause, great people! check it out here...PCM in the News!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this about PCM. I've just spent the past hour reading about this blessed family and their ministry in Uganda. I'll definitely be adding them to my prayers. So exciting to see Jesus's work in action.....and to think it got started from a little girls' Christmas card to her mother! PTL!


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