Monday, February 21, 2011

nothing but time

i've simply never had this many contractions this early and it made me think that griffin was coming sooner rather than later. however, i've had plenty of time on my hands while i wait around. so here are a few of the small griffin projects i've done in the mean time!

a blanket
(tutorial here... super easy, but time consuming)

burp rags to match... just b/c i had left over fabric
(tutorial here...quick nap time project)

and some wall decor b/c the mobile didn't turn out how i had hoped
(tutorial here)
that's what i've been up to. although, i'd rather have a baby! come on griffin!


  1. Love what you've been making! Especially the framed poms. Keeping Griffin's arrival in our prayers. Hoping for a great delivery.

  2. It amazes me.........not just how talented you are and what a great Mother you are to your children, but HOW you find the time for doing all the "extra" things that you do. Great job!


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