Monday, November 2, 2009

our ladybug turned FOUR!!

i can't believe that our baby girl is FOUR!!!!

allie requested a ladybug party so, of course, i had to make her a ladybug cake!
the icing is a marshmellow fondant! it tastes fantastic! if you're interested in the knowing how to make it let me know. it was perfect to work with!
we had her party at a local park and she invited four friends and their siblings. they all had fun running, sliding, and swinging!
the kids played pin the dot on the ladybug!
here is everyone looking on!
and the whole group! i love these children!!!!!


  1. That cake is awesome! What a cute party idea!

  2. LOVE that cake! So impressed with your cake making abilities! What a fun party and what a sweet little birthday girl!

  3. Happy Birthday sweet Allie - who is looking incredibly cute in those pictures (and so in style with her scarf!) I'll be hiring you the next time I need a cake made - assuming Rachel likes cake.

  4. So Precious!!! That cake is adorable!! Happy, Happy Birthday sweet Allie!!!

  5. Umm...who is the cutest four year old in their sassy scarf??!!! What a fun party! Hope she had a great birthday!

  6. and yes, please post the directions for the fondant!

  7. You are a rock star mom! I love the cake!!! You are full of different talents!

  8. i missed this post earlier! happy bday allie! i love that our big days are so close!


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