Friday, November 20, 2009

la dee da

it is hard to get good pics of little man lately... all he wants to do is stand
and when he isn't trying to get up on two feet... he is crawling at top speeds!
these two become closer and closer everyday!
here is a pic of them wearing mom and dad's shoes and not much else! :)
today allie got dressed and then caleb followed... he doesn't look up to her or anything! HA!


  1. i love the underwear with boots and a hat!!! that is classic!

  2. Riley needs to keep up with sister and brother!! What a big boy!

  3. Love all the pictures - how sweet to see how much Caleb looks up to Allie. They'll always be such good friends. I think we could make an entire scrapbook out of the things our kids choose to put on their bodies!


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