Saturday, November 14, 2009

meg, jenny, and lots of babies!!!

as you know, pine cove has camps in columbus, tx also. i have two precious friends that live there now. this is jenny lay on the left and meg preston on the right. meg spent a couple of days with us while we waited on our husbands to come home from recruiting! allie took this pic. we laughed hysterically until she got a good one!
on friday all three of us got our kiddos together for a big play date just before the dads came home. this is aaden wearing his "my daddy is awesome" shirt, riley wearing his "charm: courtesy of dad" shirt, and tucker wearing his "my dad is the man" shirt!
allie being aaden's big sister!
landry holding her baby brother and watching allie for tips!
the gangs all here.... minus hank lay... he was busy being silly!


  1. AWWWWWWWWW! Babies, babies, lots of babies....with MOMS and kiddos too. Cruise was wonderful, but coming home to these cute pics of moms and kids.....PRICELESS!

  2. I enjoyed staying w/ you guys so much! I had so much fun and love the pics you took! So fun! :)

  3. What lovely ladies and precious kiddos!


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