Tuesday, March 31, 2009

never ending sickness

even though it is almost april we are just going through our first round of sickness in the sisco home. i'm not so thankful for the timing, considering we have a newborn in the house! about two weeks ago our older kids got sick (see earlier posts) and spread their loveliness on to their mommy and baby brother about 10 days ago. on sunday morning we knew that something was really wrong w/ riley and took him to the urgent care facility. he was given a breathing treatment b/c his oxygen level was only 94%. he also had a chest x-ray and they determined that he had pneumonia. this caused them to give him an injection, take his blood count, and do a blood culture. poor kid got it all done! it was miserable.

later that day, i began to realize that my left ear was really hurting and by 8pm i had a full blown ear infection! around 9:30 we got a call from a pediatrician (not ours, one on call). he said he reviewed the xray and didn't think riley had pneumonia, but bronchitis. i decided to schedule an appt. with our doctor and get to the bottom of this. that evening mommy and riley were up ALL night and, i mean, ALL night... NO SLEEP!

the next day i got to the doc and impressed him with my "most unusual ear!" (his words) and then drove riley for his appointment. the end result was that he had a double ear infection... nothing more and we should all be better by wed. evening! we'll see!

keep praying. we are suppose to leave for vacation wed. at 7pm! yipee!


  1. Oh girl - I had NO IDEA all this was going on at your house - so thankful that Riley does not have anything more serious than an ear infection (although those are no fun either!) So once again, I guess I shouldn't complain about getting little sleep and all the crying around here. :) Praying that you're all healthy for vacation and that's it's a much needed restful and fun time!!! I'll try and talk to you before you leave.

  2. goooooodness!! praying for sure. poor baby! and mama. where the vaca?

  3. I got your sweet message yesterday and I could sense a little sickish voice! I hope you are all feeling better and on your way to somewhere super fun!

    Love ya!


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