Tuesday, March 3, 2009

coming home....

riley got to come home last thursday. he is now one week old!
this is a pic of riley and his dad just before leaving the hospital.
his first time in his car seat. lance and i laughed at how "well used" this seat looked. we had washed it, but it still didn't look clean for this brand new baby... my, how things change as you have more kids.

mom and riley posing by the stork sign. my sister was sweet enough to bring this from dallas for us so that we could announce the news to our neighbors! thanks aunt jeni!

riley checking out the bassinet that uncle matt and aunt amy loaned to us. he said to say thanks for the comfy bed!

riley had his first wash cloth bath at home... check out that hair when it is wet! WOW!


  1. he is so cute!! I wanna hold him again! And Mandy you look great!!

  2. he is sooooo cute! i can't wait to take his pictures!


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