Sunday, April 12, 2009


We hope that everyone enjoyed worshiping our risen savior today! We really enjoyed church and a family dinner with a few friends! This morning I was struck with a very REAL thought - God may not always be who we want him to be, but he will always be who we need him to be. That is so evident in the story of the cross!

i hope to post our vacation and easter egg hunt pics soon!


  1. Am I getting a glimpse of a little green cowboy boot?! I love it!

    Sweet pictures!

  2. Happy Easter, family. We're lovin' the pictures. Allie, you look beautiful (love the ring). Caleb, you're definitely the BIG bro (love seeing Crash)and you look studly. Riley, sweet lil' man, you've changed soooo much(love that hair)and you look adorable! We missed you all, but had a great day celebrating our Risen Lord w/ family here. love to all!

  3. What precious kids :) I miss them...I keep saying it, but we have GOT to come soon & meet Riley! Happy Easter!


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