Friday, March 13, 2009

photo shoot

as promised... here are the pics that my friend and college roomie, meaghan, took the other day. she did such a great job and even put up with allie "helping." HA! she changed a few to black and white and you can see those on her blog (just click her name above).

allie added the flowers to this picture... so sweet!


  1. Mandy, those are GREAT! She did such a good job - our little girl would have never put up with that - she hates being naked (we're already working on being modest around here) Riley is simply adorable (in a studly man way of course!)

  2. he was the best little subject! i notice you didn't say what a lovely natural bed he was sleeping on... had so much fun with you guys today! need your email

  3. Mandy, these are the best! Riley is so cute. I'm going to be at Pine Cove the last 3 days of this month for a retreat. Maybe I can stop by and see Riley. I'll call to see if we can work something out. Melanie :)

  4. Riley is definitely a keeper! Pics are adorable and make me wish we lived closer so I could steal some hugs. I must have some kind of wierd foot fettish tho, b/c I seem to love the cute feet pic best of all. God did sooooo good! :)


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