Wednesday, March 18, 2009

happy birthday to me!!!

well, yesterday was my 31st birthday and it was a super special day! i feel completely blessed by phone calls, messages, cards, and gifts! thanks to all of you that helped me celebrate! my first gift was from our newest, little bundle of joy! i woke up to riley's crying around 4... that means he went five hours b/t feedings! we had our forge student/friend, mallory over for a green breakfast. Mallory and i are birthday twins and both grew up getting a special birthday breakfast of everything green. this year we had green blueberry muffins and cinnamon rolls with green icing! yummy!
lance is always the best at making birthdays special. i woke up to tulips in the kitchen, he ordered the wii fit for me (something i've been asking for!!!), and took us all out for chinese later that night. anyone who knows lance, knows that he does not care for chinese and that was a super selfless move!
after dinner, we picked up slices of cake from newks..... amazing and enjoyed them at home while watching american idol! it was a terrific day!
sadly, however, today is different... both big kids have fever and we are takin' it easy in our pjs.


  1. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a FUN day - does not get any better than Chinese and cake! I'm glad that someone so special had such a special day!

  2. Glad Lance did a good job again this year and you had a great day!

    Hey, can we use your profile pic at the top right (black and white one) for your new pic in the Pine Cove Way booklet? I think an artsy one like that would be fun. If you like it enough for it to go in print, just email it to me at my camp email address.

    Love you guys! Thinking of you during LOST tonight. :-)

  3. Glad you had a birthday just like and special! We love you.

  4. happy birthday girl! jack won't let me dye anything green! it kills me!


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