Friday, December 21, 2012

Growing up so FAST

oh, man! i just can't believe how the time is passing.  Caleb turned six last week.  SIX, people!  it's almost mind numbing! 
We started by celebrating with his class the day before. he wanted Lego head cake pops.  i tell you... my kids always keep me on my toes when it comes to trying new things. 

he shared a bday with another sweet boy in his class. 

and here is mrs. lemmon... the world's sweetest kinder teacher!

then next morning...birthday wake up with balloons... this might be my favorite wake up pic in the last six years... he was eating up the attention!

bday donuts!

we opened gifts friday afternoon and one of his gifts had a surprise written on it!  Miller, one of his little buddies from Tyler, was going to come for a sleep over!  he was so pumped!

so, on saturday we met up with mills, grabbed another good friend from school and headed to jump street to party hard.  these boys don't look excited, do they?

carson and caleb, for reasons unknown to us, have been dubbed coocoo 1 and coocoo 2 by their friends at school... so, of course, we had to take this pic!  i don't even know what that place is, but it's right next to jump street.

it was hard to get good jumping pics, but here are two from the inflatable slides

no words... so funny!

after they jumped themselves tired, we swung through QT for lemonade, grabbed some pizzas and headed home!

pizza time!

caleb wanted a transformers cake this year

after church on sunday, we went to In and Out after church and topped off our big birthday weekend!
it was fun celebrating this BIG guy! another year in the books!

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  1. Wow~! Sure looks like Caleb had a great birthday. The transformer cake looks awesome.


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