Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas EVE

we decorated cookies FIRST THING on christmas eve. 

and i have to say... they have gotten pretty good. the bottles of icing, rather than bowls with spoons or knives was a HUGE help. 

then, it was off to the doctor... because, it is NOT a holiday for the sisco family if someone is not sick.  ;)  you can't tell by this lovely photo, but griff broke out in a red rash all over his face, back, and tummy.  he had to have blood work done and turns out that he had TWO separate viral infections that his little body was fighting.  croup and measles!! i'm sorry, is it 1960?  i didn't know kids could still get measles???  i mean... we get vaccinated for that!  weird!

none the less, we attended the christmas eve service and don't worry... our sick griffy stayed in his stroller the whole time... he enjoyed it and we were glad we went.  it was such a beautiful time of singing and pondering on Christ's birth. 

even riley had a good job listening and thinking about the hope that Jesus brought.

once the kiddos were in bed, the tree was prepped and the stocking were stuffed...
tomorrow will bring some BIG smiles!!

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  1. icing in bottles!!!!!!!! your cookies look so good too! i'm doin' it!


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