Friday, December 28, 2012

christmas DAY

christmas morning was really sweet.  i was up with a sick baby most of the night so  it was easy to slip off the couch and start our cinnamon rolls.  i turned the tree lights on and waited for the pitter patter of little feet.  the kids enjoyed playing with unwrapped gifts while the rolls finished. 

griffin got a mini train set, caleb got a nerf gun and bullets, allie got a barbie pool, and riley got a toy story set.  

 then someone found the stockings all filled up and they dove into those.

once those were all dumped out, it was time to dig into our christmas morning rolls.  sadly, i had an oversight and forgot to buy the cherries this year... lucky for me, everyone was ok with the icing substitute for ornaments.  oops.

after breakfast we started ripping into the gifts and the kids were blessed with many fun things.  while they played, karen and i worked on christmas lunch.  i have no pics of opening or lunch, but it was good and super fun.  by the time we had lunch cleaned up... the ground was covered in snow.  it was a special christmas IN DEED!

we were grateful to have grammie with us, but also missed our poppy tremendously! Thanks for making it a really special christmas grammie!!!

that evening, we drove around and looked at christmas lights while  i read the christmas story from the bible.  on the trip home, every kiddo fell asleep in the car.  we might have to make that a tradition because it made for a super relaxing evening!


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  1. Thanks, Siscos for a wonderful Christmas! It was such a fun, blessed time. I loved everything from the beautiful Christmas Eve service, to decorating cookies, eating fun food and looking at awesome Christmas lights and then topping everything off with a "white" christmas. Doesn't get any better. Mandy, you had wonderful meals, with Christmas dinner being the best of the best. (thanks for the steak, Lance). Blessed to the max!


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