Saturday, October 20, 2012

almost a month???

you'd think i was dead or at least sick!  
i don't know where the last 24 days have gone!  sheesh!

let's play a little catch up in pictures (in no particular order):
i've had LOTS of opportunities to bake for twochicks

 we took the kids climbing at REI for no charge

scored free tickets to a baseball game

attended a wedding of a dear, sweet PC staffer

took a cake pop class with my sweet friend kara

 and had a fun visit from grammie
that gets me back up to date with the exception of the pumpkin patch and that will have to be its own post! 

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  1. Yay! An update. I was having withdrawals. How amazing you are! Love seeing all the talent displayed in the pictures. You really, really do a great job. The cake pops are adorable. (I see visions of geting my own personal class in my future). Hope you're feeling better soon!


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