Tuesday, September 25, 2012

balloon festival

we grabbed another group coupon and took the sisco family to the plano Balloon festival.  we were joined by our fellow adventuring family, the catings

the weather was perfect and bubble blowing filled in time gaps.

isn't that so breathtaking? love IT!

the kids really did enjoy themselves!

thank goodness the catings had binoculars for this turkey.

half of my handsome boys

sweet ashley

funnel cake and glowing balloons

isn't that beautiful?
fyi: we did have a good time, but pictures can be so deceiving.  this was also one of the most frustrating evening i've had with my family in a long time.  i totally lost my cool and left with a bad attitude (just keeping it real).  we all have our days. i asked forgiveness from all involved and the LORD.  thankfully, their have been some really sweet moments that followed my yuck, but ugh... raising kids is rough.  
it is not for the faint of heart! press on my parent friends, press on!


  1. Wow...this is weird. I used to go to the Plano Balloon Festival when I was their age. Woah. Pretty sure I left every year with a bad attitude too. :)

  2. What can I say.......Hey, we all can have a bad days. Besides,when raising kids, some days can definitely be better than others. At least the pictures look like you all had a fabulous time. Hang in there!


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