Wednesday, October 31, 2012

birthday weekend for my guy

we got a chance to go to oklahoma to begin birthday celebrations a little early.  lance's parents watched the kiddos so that we could soak in a game day in stillwater.  here is lance at his first "the walk," a tradition that began after he graduated.

me with my guy in orange country and loving it

the team running out on the field.  look at this amazing stadium... it is unreal

it was pretty stinkin' cold so there was a lot of snuggling up close.


we ordered a pizza from hideaway (the best ever) and ate it on the drive home

on monday, the kids threw balloons at him (totally missed pics of this... maybe because they did it as he was coming out of the shower)  and i made him my version of pf chang's great wall of chocolate

he wanted to dive into it

the kids assured him that he should would share

we sliced it up and added some raspberry sauce

after dessert, we thought we should eat dinner. haha!
so we went to pappadeauxs

and got the seafood fondue.  melt in your mouth delicious!!
I LOVE YOU LANCER!!!  hope it was a very happy bday!!


  1. You two are pretty cute...and so photogenic (even when you don't feel good!) Still dreaming about that cake...

  2. Cutest couple ever.....and when I think about how sick you were at the time, I'm impressed at how well you disguised it! Your cake looks amazing and I know I'm prejudiced, but that's one handsome "birthday boy" you got there! Glad you got to celebreate.....even though that seafood stuff looks kinda


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