Thursday, October 25, 2012


while grammie was here we took a little trip to the "pumpkin patch." it was a pretty humorous moment when we pulled up and our kids looked perplexed.  we started hearing comments like, "uhhh, can we go to the one with the tractors?" and "wait, where is the barn?"  
bahaha... welcome to big city living.

i took this pic so that you could see the traffic just a pumpkin's throw away and the parking lot surrounding us.  

but the kids still managed to have fun darting from one pumpkin to the next

smile... as the cars speed by.  ;)

later that evening the kids ate some grammie snacks on the front porch with the prized pumpkin.  isn't it perfect?  you almost hate to carve that guy!

AND... just days later i was informed that if you want a more authentic pumpkin patch experience you have to drive for it.  so four moms and 15 kids loaded up and headed for pumpkin bliss....

it was better.  WAY better.

they had bounce houses


a hay maze

hay rides

and even hay stacks

here is a pick of ALL 15 kids.  crazy huh?  three families with four and one family with three

what a fun memory and a sweet time with new friends!!

and check out this kid!  he found a house made of pumpkins and was happy to be there most of the time.


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  1. So fun and cute pictures! Glad you made it to the "real" pumpkin patch...someday we'll get there with you guys!


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