Friday, March 2, 2012

Celebrating Simply

again... there are pics missing that are on my actual camera 
(i'll post them when i find my battery charger... ie - when i unpack)

here is the birthday boy first thing in the morning!
we woke him up with inflatable balls... this last move has our stuff everywhere and we can't find anything - including the bag of 100 balloons that i bought so that we would always have some.  sigh.

he is just the happiest kid!!!  LOVE HiM!! 
(my apologies for the aggie shirt, hee,hee)

we had a picnic lunch

and he participated in his favorite activity... swinging!!!  
although, you should know, he can now get out of swings and grocery carts.  his new nickname is Houdini! ;)

 and a simple "one" cake to end the evening

with a little blue surprise

he reacted alot like caleb did four years ago... surprised that something special was happening for him. 

can't you read it on his face... "really? for me?  you guys shouldn't have!"  
haha!  i love it!  and look at big sis... so excited for him!

time to dig in


it was a different kind of first bday.  no extended family and no gifts, but it is really about celebrating the life of griffin and we celebrated him all day long!

love you little guy!



  1. Happy Birthday to both your precious boys! Simple is good and sweet my friend!

  2. i can't believe he's one!!!! i'm still shocked at how different all of your kids look lol! and the aggie shirt....MANDY!!! you should be ashamed ;) his cake is so so cute, love the ombre blue inside

  3. What a happy little guy! Looks like he really enjoyed all the attention....and the cake!


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