Friday, February 3, 2012

one month

it's official.
we've lived in dallas for one month.
we are still homeless, but not hopeless!

here are some pics from my phone this past week:

1. you could leave g in a swing for hours... he LOVES it! 

2. rub a ding ding... three kids on the swing.

3. when did my little boys get so big... sigh! 
BUT, hooray for grocery stores with amazing carts!  BONUS!

4. "mom, it's like i am a designer!?"

5. three saturday mornings of krispy kreme = spoiled!


7. when all else fails, just play in the clothes hamper.

8. two scoops to this pretty girl for memorizing ALL of her word wall words!
and that is a wrap!

are you still praying for us to find a home?
ok, just checking!  ;)


  1. yay! New pictures and captions! It's a great day. Yes, we're still praying that the Lord will provide. He just provided Oklahoma with RAIN so He can certainly find a house! Love to all!

  2. Why do I get the feeling I may be paying Allie to dress me one day?? :)


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