Sunday, February 19, 2012

a crafty getaway!

my more than amazing HUBBY surprised me with a weekend away.  i really couldn't think of anything better to distract me from the stress of our lives than crafting.  so i, of course, said YES and jumped in the car friday afternoon and made my way to fort worth.   i met up at pei wei with my friend darcie lantz (who planned the weekend) and several other craft intensive peeps!  some i knew and other are now new friends!  

my first craft was a cork jar that serves two purposes.... message center and container... the possibilities are endless.  ha!  i imagine this would make a cute house warming gift with a sweet message and some flowers.

next up- one of the girls came with a sack full of fabric samples from TCU.  so i thought allie could use a purple fabric wreath for that room in her future!

we ended the night by watching Return to Me and falling fast to sleep in the wee hours of the night.

the next morning we woke up to coffee, cinnamon rolls, this cute display and paper bunting in the craft room.  so cute.  darcie did a great job making everything special.

oh, and look at the fun gift baskets that were waiting for us too.
i kicked off my morning by learning how to make paper flowers.  i only made three, but i think i'll make a bunch and turn them into bunting or frame these three in a fun, funky frame.

my last project of the morning was some inspiration for the apartment. 

then it was off to lunch at la Madeleine.  have you had their free strawberry jelly?  SOO good!

we spent the rest of the afternoon thrift store shopping.  it was really fun to grab bargains and then take them back and turn them into something cute.  i'd love to show you my amazing find, but sweet allie broke it promptly upon my return home today.  we'll see if it is fixable.

darcie's precious parents hosted us all weekend and pulled out all the stops for a yummy dinner saturday night.  we had flank steak, new potatoes, broccoli, apple salad, and wine.  i got a little emotional.  i haven't eaten on a real plate in a home in over a week.  it was very nice!

we started with six, grew to seven for a time, and then... there were FOUR!  we are the ones that stuck it out till the end!

one last shot of many of the things that were created in one weekend.  hiding behind my wreath are some super cute cake stands that the girls put together after our thrift store stop!

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