Saturday, February 4, 2012

finding the sprinkles again

a few years back my precious friend, jenny lay, moved her family to columbus, tx.  i still remember having a conversation with her when she first moved.  She said life was good, but it was just missing the sprinkles and she was ready to have that color and fun back. 
this statement might not make sense to you.  i don't think i fully understood it until now.    life IS good... i have very little to complain about.  However, we have been living in this transition stage - trying not to get into a comfortable routine because we shouldn't be settled here, right?  i have been making things simple and easy because anything else seems like too much and too hard.  my thoughts have sounded like: "i can wait on all that because we'll be in a home soon and i can do it then."

now don't get me wrong... there is alot to be said for simple and i'm embracing a large part of that right now.  however, sometimes (for me) "simple" translates into nothing.  no training my children. no fun, mom-planned activities. no scripture focus... the list could go on.

well, jenny to the rescue.  she reminded me to find my sprinkles by sending me some in the mail.
i could settle for a plain cupcake, but why? i'd rather have a pretty one.  i'd rather smile while i eat mine... if you know what i mean. i'd rather my kiddos have something to be excited by and something to look forward to.

my analogy might be breaking down in your mind, but it's just getting started in mine.  basically, we have no idea how long it is going to be until we find a home so it's time to stop settling for the average treat and be good stewards of what the good things that the LORD has blessed us with.  we are being more intentional with our time and talents... stay tuned!

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  1. oh friend! have i been there!! i feel like finn basically lost all training because we were raising support and moved 5/6 times and changed states in his mere 3 years of life! my go to phrase was "all is not lost. they're still so little, and it won't be forever" :) i hope this is encouraging. i think if i'd have opened those sprinkles i would have bawled.


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