Sunday, August 21, 2011

why public school?

in this country we are beyond blessed with many different options for school (all of which i believe have positive aspects). we have friends in private, public, home school, and Montessori. i get asked quite often how lance and i came to the decision to put Allie in public school. before i give my list of reason, let me first say that we plan on making this decision for each kid for each year. i do believe that we have to be good students of our children and know them well enough to know when changes need to be made. we will not shy away from making a different choice for caleb or even making a different choice for allie next year if the Lord leads in that way. but for NOW... for Allie... for this year... here are the reasons why we chose public school:

1. the circles that allie runs in are pinecove and church. she needs to be exposed to the world and learn to be in the world but not of the world. just like we begin disciplining early, teaching manners early, etc i feel like she needs to begin reaching out to those different than her. many people think it is too early, but i feel like this should start now. it is a constant conversation to be an influencer and not negatively influenced... this will provide good practice ground.

2. lance and i are talking and praying about her area of ministry. sharing and showing Jesus to all... no matter what or where. we are excited about allowing the LORD to dictate her experiences which leads into a third reason...

3. this decision takes more faith and more trust. it has been our experience that the right choice for us is usually the uncomfortable one. we are super nervous and i think that is a good thing! it will have us on our knees ALOT!

4. with multiple kiddos i do not need to stretch myself thin or i will have nothing to offer lance when he gets home. we decided that we would rather focus on being the spiritual teachers for each of our kids... academics can fall into someone elses responsibility.

those are the things that the LORD has put on our hearts over the last year, but we believe that the spirit convicts on an individual basis... what the LORD asks of our family, he may not ask of yours. Be sensitive to His leading... feel pressure from NO one... this decision is a god-lead family choice that looks different for everyone!

as i was packing my very first school lunch tonight, i was having to remind myself of all of these reasons. her first day is tomorrow and i think i'm more nervous than she is!
ahh! prayers appreciated! ☺


  1. she's going to do great! so excited for sweet allie :)

  2. I'll be praying extra special for all of you tomorrow. The "first" cut of Mom's apron string is a tough one. I still remember it well. (I bawled all the way home from school that first day......and it was just a 1/2 day back then!) Fear not, for you have done such a wonderful job in preparing Allie for this big step and God will be right there with all of you! She's going to do great! God is good....all the time!


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