Wednesday, August 24, 2011

did you know

that i married a character?

these are the skit characters that he was when i first met him and fell in love with him

i love how much he can make me laugh!

the 29 on his chest is how many days until we got married
(man, that seemed like a LONG summer)

and you know what they say...
if you can't beat 'em... JOIN 'em!
we are celebrating our ninth anniversary today...
nine years of goofing around together! :)
and i've LOVED every moment!

love you babe!


  1. Oh, I love this post...those pictures bring back some great memories and laughs. Happy Anniversary you two crazy lovebirds...being a part of your wedding day was so special...only gets better from here on, right???

  2. Happy Anniversary you two! It has been such a joy to watch your love grow. May God continue to bless you. We are so proud of you....and for the record, we don't just love the kids.


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