Saturday, August 20, 2011

kindergarten... oh, geez!

i am undoubtedly baffled that i have a child entering kindergarten. it feels like yesterday that this fresh out of college teacher was welcoming her first little class of five year olds.
ahhh, where did the time go?

on Thursday, allie met her teacher. the first female that will have equal amounts of influential time with our daughter. so this lady is a BIG deal... Mrs. Martin... i am praying for you as much as i am praying for my kiddos. you will have an enormous impact on our little girl - how she adjusts to a school driven day, her love for academics, her self-esteem, and a million other things!

lance and i both realize that educators are not solely responsible for our children once they enter school. and we know that no one cares for their spiritual growth as much as we do. for this reason, i took allie on an overnight school prep night!

the main purpose was to pack as much fun into 24 hours as possible.

movie √
jellybeans √
painted toenails √

staying up till 10 √

back to school shopping √
early lunch √

we were super successful with the primary goal! the secondary goal was to check off some discussions that needed to happen before school:
and make sure our little girl feels comfortable talking about anything she wants to!


  1. ah! love this! the backpack is SO allie! love yall!

  2. Two beautiful girls! Sure sounds and looks like you had a great "girls night". Allie, I just know you're going to do great in school. Just remember that we ALL love you!


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