Saturday, June 11, 2011

two birds/one stone

it was time to make a trip to bville and we couldn't visit without hitting up the kiddie park too! here are some pics of our evening at the world's coolest little kid theme park!

the boys were big buddies on this trip and even rode the roller coaster together.

allie's partner? none other than her poppy! :)

caleb was so proud on the airplanes

you have to get pics of riley smiling when he's not looking and this was the best one of the night. he had a blast on the pirate ship!

allie finally gave the bumper cars a try and loved it. she learned that if you "bump" into one of the employees, you get your tickets back... well, this little firecracker did the bumper cars three times until she got her tickets back!

grammie and griffin watched everyone on the merry go round!

and we closed the park down!

visiting grammie and poppy is always a treat and the kiddie park just makes it that much sweeter! thanks for a good time... the kids are ready to come back tomorrow! :)

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  1. We had the best time seeing all of you and the smiles you captured on film is priceless! Poppy and I enjoyed our time together with each of you and it was great meeting Claire! She is so AWESOME! Thank you all for all the fun memories!


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