Sunday, June 19, 2011

my two guys

the first man in my life was my daddy. he has been there from the beginning to hold my hand, lay down the law, give the evil eye to every boy i dated, and review history facts with me until he was blue in the face. he has been there for the birth of each of my kids as a reminder that you will always hold your little ones close - no matter how grown up they get!

in God's sweet grace, i married a man that does the same for our kids. he is never short of hugs, tickle fights, and speaking identity into our little ones. he is full of fun... even last night, i had to shake my head as he got the kids hyper and loud in a restaurant by playing silly games with them. he loves them unconditionally and never grows weary of building train tracks, castles, and forts. however, most importantly, he is building strong kids for God's kingdom.

i am so thankful for the lord's provision of both of these men in my life. one showed me what a great father looks like and the other is carrying it on for the next generation of our family! love you both.

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  1. I have to have two GREAT men in your life!


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