Monday, June 13, 2011

time with friends

bville means we get to see some friends as well. this time we got a little play date with several kiddos (13 to be exact). who could have guessed we could EVER have this many kids between us!??

here is emma, allie, jordan, and jace playing

remember the sweet hay boys?
(if not, click, here, here, and here)
well, they are getting sooo big! i can not believe it! this is micah
and this is noah!

and here is momma sabrina with big girl emma

my friend marcie is expecting her fourth kiddo next month.
this is her and her youngest, molly

this is caroline hay and her cutie owen. every time someone walked into the room he would throw up his hands and shout in total excitement. CUTIE!!!
our friend sara was there with her oldest, ashlyn, but they left before i got the camera out. sorry friend! :) i can not say enough how blessed i am to know these women and watch them as mommies. i have learned a great deal from each of them and am encouraged by their walk with the Lord!

griffin came to bville with fever. midway he got a rash from the antibiotic. so needless to say, he slept most of his trip.

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  1. Friends are just the BEST! I'm so glad you got to visit with them during the visit. Griffin is such a sweetie!


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