Monday, June 13, 2011


Where did he come from???

yep, that's right... it's underwear


  1. In answer to your question...Lance! haha!

    And, where did you get those Mickey Mouse underwear. We're just beginning to test the waters with potty training and I went to walmart today just to buy "Big Boy" underwear, hoping to find Mickey Mouse, because of course Gabe's obsessed with anything Mickey, and they didn't have any! Also, if you've got any great tips about training boys please send them my way!

  2. HA! I think the picture on the underwear says it which parent could he have gotten that trait from?? hhmmmmm..... Miss you Siscos!

  3. oh heavens, I've just re-lived my past with these pictures..........he may look just like Lance did, but he soooooooooo acts like Uncle Kent!!!! Scary.............real scary! :)


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