Thursday, May 5, 2011


boo for sick days!

especially when we went through a spell of rainy days and now the kiddos have fever... feels like we may never leave the house again!

A has fever/cough/congestion... you can't tell from the photo, but she woke up with her hair soaked.
R has the same, PLUS this really cool hair! HAHA!

Caleb has the same, PLUS vomit and diarrhea... but isn't it nice to know that he NEVER loses his sense of humor even when he feels awful.

we needed a pick-me-up mid afternoon and popsicles did the trick!

in BRIGHTER news... guess who is smiling?
G is healthy and happy and we are hoping it stays that way!


  1. No fun :( Although those pictures of Riley's hair and Caleb's banana are pretty funny...and Griffin already looks totally different to me!

  2. Good gravy! Hope things turn around for the kids soon. And, Griffin is so darn cute!! What a sweet smile he has.

  3. So sorry to hear that three out of four kiddos are not feeling well. Breaks Grammy's heart to be so far away. Hope everyone is good as new in very short order. Oh, my word.......what did you do with Griffin? The pictures don't even look like the little baby I just saw one month ago!!! Cute smiley face. Give A,C,G, & R a hug for us! Stay well, Mom & Dad. I know this is a busy time for you!


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