Tuesday, May 31, 2011

G hits the pool

Griffin had his first trip to the pool this week. wouldn't you know that this mom of four didn't realize that he did NOT have a swimsuit until just before leaving the house. oops!
so you do what you can and make it work. :)

this was his first dip
(enlarge the pic and check out that bottom lip... too cute)

he had enough of the water and just wanted to be held

and then he had just had enough!


  1. What great pictures to start off my day! Love the "pouty" lip and other cute shots of Griffen but it's especially good to see pics of YOU! You look amazing........no, not just because you were sportin' an OSU hat......you look beautiful with or without the Cowboy hat! love the tan too!~

  2. so sweet. you look great! :)


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