Friday, May 13, 2011

the "go away party"

our sweet friends, the hanveys, are leaving pc to take a job in austin. we threw them a party to wish them well as they follow where the LORD leads. before you think us too rude... the title of the post is because allie kept calling it a "go away party" instead of a going away party. :)

this is matt and kristen during our prayer time

we hung lights and banners in the yard
made yummy treats

and took pics of their friends well wishes for a photo album that we are putting together for them (thanks to matt for being my example pic here. hee,hee)
we are super sad to see these three (they just had their first baby in february) leave, but we are waiting to see what the LORD has in this new adventure.


  1. Sure looks like an awesome party. I'm sure you made them feel loved. The decorations and treats look amazing! They are blessed to have so many friends to give them a "send off"

  2. so this means you are going to have to come visit right??


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