Monday, March 22, 2010

meet ELLIE!!

isn't she a doll?
my friend, ashley, gave birth to this little peanut and we HAD to have a party to celebrate. to see more of ellie and her family, you can visit this site!

ashley, ellie, and the hostesses (ashley c, tobyn, and lydia)
ashley and her mom! i LOVE that they wore pink!
the invitations had a rattle on them so we HAD to do a rattle cake!

ellie's loot... she made out of there with some good stuff! :)

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  1. Welcome, Ellie! It's always good to see pictures of your friends that we've met. Ya'll look amazing. Loved the cake, too. Mandy, did you make it? It looks like you guys had a great time "showering" Ellie with love.


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