Sunday, March 7, 2010

graceful and 90

my gran turns 90 today and we enjoyed celebrating with her in a REALLY BIG way this weekend!
this is a picture of her during a toast to her.
her cake was designed by one of her great grand daughters, Blake, over a year ago!
our kids spent most of the time begging to be outside in the pool or playing sand volleyball.
lance and i were just grateful to make it... seeing as all three kids were throwing up the day before... riley puked twice in the car ride to simonton! lovely!
but we made it to celebrate THIS beautiful woman!!! she doesn't look 90 does she?
i had to take a pic of her bee pin... this is a piece of gran jewelry that i remember from childhood. i LOVE that she wore this on her special day!
i got to sit with my sister!
little miss has being waiting and waiting to wear her new dress.
my mom did alot of planning including these centerpieces. they were lovely!
this was my second recent attempt at a pic of my parents with our kiddos... this is as good as it gets! HA!


  1. How special! SO glad that you and Lance and the kiddos were there to celebrate with your family!

  2. Happy 90th Birthday to your beautiful Gran! She looks amazing........nothing even CLOSE to 90! judging from the flowers, it must have been an amazing party. The pics you took of the family are definite treasures.


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