Friday, March 19, 2010

as if there could be more...

just when i thought i could not feel any more treasured, my husband kept showering me with gifts. on thursday afternoon, i was sitting outside watching the kiddos play when i sweet friend showed up with a beautiful little box claiming that the 18th was the new 17th! inside the package was a gift card to With Class Spa and my appointment was in 15 minutes. I got to drop everything and go have a Swedish massage! OH MY!!! what an unexpected treat! I even fell asleep.

after the massage i got to come home, shower, and get all dressed up for a night out with my man! He had made reservations at Shogun Japanese Steak House and, man, did we enjoy ourselves. it is always nice to get some down time with him.... no taking kids to the potty or encouraging anyone to sit still. Just me and him and a nice dinner! We had a great time!!!

thanks sweet heart for an incredible birthday... I do not deserve you or the special treatment... I'm a lucky woman!

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  1. So glad you had a wonderful birthday. You sooooooooo deserve to be loved and pampered.


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