Monday, September 7, 2009

tick tock

time just keeps tickin' and our kids get bigger and bigger!

riley has started sitting UP!
he still tumbles over occasionally, but he's doing really well!
we've been repairing the house and the kids have been "helping!"
this is daddy and caleb working on the garage windows
and daddy and the kids breaking the tile out of the bathroom
today's funny: the kids have alone time each morning and this morning when i went to get allie she said, "mom, i got married and daddy made me this pretty princess cake!"


  1. Cutest pictures EVER.......but I need to see one of you too, Mandy! These are all adorable. Did Allie really build that cake herself? Caleb is quite the little "big" man helping dad and Riley already seems to have grown since just a few weeks ago! He looks so am I. Love to all!Thanks for the phone call. Good to talk to you!

  2. hope things are slowing down after a CRAZY couple of weeks - have SO MUCH FUN with Lance - plays lots and relax too!

  3. How did this happen?! How did your kids get so big??!! Love to you all!


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