Monday, September 21, 2009

Allan Smith Family Reunion!

i don't know how you have a family reunion and don't get everyone together for a picture??? only my crazy family. however, the camera was present and here are a few random pics of the weekend...
allie w/ her cousin taylor!
one of MANY tractor rides for caleb with pawpaw. caleb is soo intense when he drives the tractor!
this is my cousin, greg, pretending like he doesn't know how to hold a baby! i think he looks pretty good w/ a kid! But he won't get pressure from me... he just got married this summer!
blake, my niece, holding riley... she loved hangin' with him!
this is an amazing table that my dad made from scratch! nine of the stars have a grandchild's name and birth date etched on them! so cool!
and this is sweet baby jackie w/ her daddy (my brother) matt!


  1. It's so good to see these cute pics of the Smith family.(Miss seeing Carol tho)..... The table is WAY cool and I'm glad to see pics of precious Taylor & Blake. Also, seeing Jackie is a real treat! I haven't seen a picture of her in quite awhile. She and Caleb BOTH are such reminders of God's grace and love!

  2. I love that table! You better be careful or you're going to get orders! Wow! That is soooo coool. My mom would love that. Maybe he could teach someone how to make one? Like, Mandy's favorite cousin? (Me!) Just in case there happent to be other favorite cousins. Or, Mandy's favorite girl cousin of Lance's. Yes, that will do nicely. Seing as how I happen to be the only girl.

  3. I LOVE that table! My mom is going to want one too! What a talent he has and what a treasure! I am glad you guys had fun, I love reunions!

  4. hey babe,

    are we supposed to have 7 more kids to fill up the other stars on the table?

    -your man


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